Charlie Barton - Biography

           Charlie Barton    Charlie Barton


"I’ve been looking at the moon all my life, but always as a scientist. Charlie shows the moon in a new perspective, she makes the lure of the moon even more irresistible." Sir Patrick Moore

Charlie studied at Kingston University, School of Fine Art. Since graduating, she has exhibited extensively in group shows and multiple solo exhibitions across the UK including London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Salisbury and Bath.

An on-going theme throughout Charlie’s work is the cosmos, serving as a constant inspiration since she began her journey in art school, where her enthusiasm for exploring the moon and space first developed.

Now creating large paintings with an almost sculptural feel to them, you can sense how she’s manipulated the paint and added layer upon layer, drawing you deeper into the cosmos and exploring the outer world.

Focusing on science not only allows Charlie to explore outer space but also to create a connection with the natural world in general, allowing her to feel more at one with the universe; finding new discoveries and portraying them through a painterly form.


“I love the idea that every atom in our bodies comes from supernova explosions; that human beings are made of stardust," Charlie explains.  "That all matter is a composite of particles held together by electromagnetic energy so nothing is truly solid and everything is vibrant energy filled with life force.  Thus everything is interlinked;  we are connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically”. 



Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009    Solo Show, The Avenue, London

2007    Solo Show, The Art Bar, London

2004    Solo Show, “Life Forms,” The Michael Tippett Centre, Bath Spa University


Selected Group Exhibitions

2015    Winter Group Show, Loughran Gallery, London  

1015    Summer Group Show, Loughran Gallery, London  

2011    Group Show, Sophie Montgomery Art, London  

2010    Group Show, Sophie Montgomery Art, London

2010    Group Show, Great Western Studios, Alfred Road, London

2010    Group Show, Osbourne Studio Gallery, London

2009    Group Show, Osbourne Studio Gallery, London

2009    Group Show, Wylye Valley Art Trail, Wilts

2009    Group Show, Brass Monkey Group, Oxford

2008    Jonathan Wylder Gallery & Osborne Studio Gallery, London

2008    “Brass Monkey Group”, Asthall Manor, Oxford

2008    Group Show, Salisbury Hospital, Wilts

2007    Group Show, Jonathan Wylder Gallery & Osborne Studio Gallery, London

2007    Affordable Art Fair, London

2007    Group Show, The Mall Galleries, London

2007    Summer Soltice Show, 20th Century Theatre, London

2007    Group Show, The Lennox Gallery, London

2007    Group Show, The Close, Leadenhall School, Salisbury, Wilts

2007    Group Show, Wylye Valley Art Trail, Teffont, Wilts

2007    Group Show, Salisbury Hospital, Wilts   

2006    Group Show, The Mall Galleries, London,

2006    Group Show, “Recent Work”, The Studio, Teffont, Wilts

2006    Group Show: Salisbury Hospital, Wilts 

2005    Group Show, Fisherton Mill Gallery, Salisbury, Wilts

2005    Group Show, The Mall Galleries, London,   

2004    Group Show, The Gallery, Cork Street, London

2004    Group Show, Salisbury Hospital, Wilts   

2000    “Demarco70/2000/The Road To Meikle Seggie

2000    Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University

2000    Edinburgh’s City Art Gallery

2000    The John Ruskin Brantwood Museum

2000    Oxford Brookes University