Saving The Last Dance With Colour

POSTED: Friday, October 25, 2013

DWC Close 1


The nights are getting darker and despite the lingering mildness there is a whiff of an autumnal nip in the breeze. Summer has well and truly come to a close, bringing with it also the closure of Loughran Gallery’s summer of art and our Jessica Zoob solo show, Dancing With Colour.


The show has been an enormous success. So successful, that we opened with a refreshed collection for an extra two weeks due to popular demand! It has been our absolute pleasure to meet so many of Jessica’s admirers and an even greater one to have had the opportunity to introduce her stunning work to so many more people.


DWC Close 2


There is something raw in her work that draws people to have a closer look. Many of our visitors were passers-by who simply could not just pass by. I think it is the duality of vitality and fleeting in the paintings which intrigues viewers; they simultaneously excite and taunt the senses by not just their colour, but also the tiniest hint or glimpse of something hidden in the canvas.


DWC Close 6 DWC Close 3 DWC Close 4 DWC Close 5


The opening party was representative of what was to come. Jessica had warned us of the exposed emotion her pieces provoke in viewers, but I don’t think we could have ever been prepared for the literal tears of joy that were flowing at the private view.


The space, nestled in with interior design company Intarya, was full to the brim with those wanting the first glimpse at Jessica’s very latest pieces. Friendly chatter bounced around the room, helped by the gorgeous cocktails and the promise of a fun little goodie bag at the end of the evening. Our guests were reluctant to leave!


DWC Close 7


The last six weeks have been an absolute blast. Battersea is increasingly becoming a great hub for art and culture, so it’s great to contribute towards this and see the change happen with our very eyes. Not to mention the adorable little dogs we see trotting past on their walks!


What’s next for Loughran Gallery? Well, friends will know it is coming up to our first birthday, and so naturally we are planning a big show event to mark the occasion… But what exactly that will be remains our little secret… for now.