Introducing: Chris Levine

POSTED: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chris Levine Light Artist


It is an extraordinarily intimate image, one which allows us to share in a moment of personal peace with one of the most recognisable women in the world. To see someone with their eyes closed is to see them asleep or to see them experience private thoughts, so to see Her Majesty the Queen, who very few know personally but who is familiar to all of us, with her closed is an incredibly startling yet comforting image.


Chris Levine is probably best known for his now iconic image of Her Majesty the Queen, Lightness of Being, and has gone on to repeat the image with other instantly recognisable figures such as Kate Moss.


After studying at Chelsea School of Arts and Central Saint Martin’s, Chris has gone on to become a pioneer in using light and lighting technology to push the boundaries of the visual experience in art. Crossing many mediums, including performance, music, installation, fashion as well as fine art, Chris’ new genre of Light Art is one that fuses the boundaries of culture to focus on creating a sensory experience that transcends that of mere observation.


Chris Levine Fluoro 3


Chris has collaborated with many artists across many genres, including the Eden Project, Antony and the Johnsons, Philip Treacy, Massive Attack, Grace Jones, Chanel and Swarovski. He has artwork currently displayed in the National Portrait Gallery, London’s Science Museum, and has staged light performances with the MoMA in New York.


Using such media as LEDs, lasers, holography and natural light, Levine aims to tap into light’s metaphysicality and its properties as something so fundamental to human existence and perception. For Levine, light is an elemental energy in life, meaning his art is an exploration into the very essence of life, which in turn gives his art a spiritual and ethereal quality.


We at Loughran Gallery cannot wait to start exploring a new visual territory with Chris Levine, taking the opportunity to experience a brand new medium in the form of light. We think we're already half-way there, for what is colour but the reflection of light? But it will take a master like Levine to really show us the light...


Chris Levine Studio