The Magic Of Mickey

POSTED: Wednesday, January 20, 2016


It was February 2014 and the art market was buzzing with anticipation for the latest Damien Hirst edition to come on sale. Having exceeded estimates at auction, the original sold for £900,000 meaning everyone couldn't wait to grab one of the very limited editions.


Entering the market at £3,000, the edition availability soon ran low and it eventually sold out at £8,000 a piece. But the magic of Mickey Mouse hadn't quite yet kicked in, for just a year later it sold at Phillips' Evening & Day Editions Sale in June 2015 for an astounding £37,500 - over six times the higher estimate.


Damien Hirst, Mickey Mouse


Now, we see that another of these editions has come up at Phillips' January 2016 Evening & Day Editions Sale and we can't wait to see what heights this piece reaches. Up with an estimate of between £10,000 and £15,000, twice as high as just six months ago, things are already looking promising.


We can only but speculate. But this edition is a mix of the iconic spot painting and a contemporary twist of an old classic character, not to mention the piece itself fast becoming a landmark in the Hirst portfolio.


So let's all turn towards the Phillips auction house on Berkeley Square this Thursday and let the magic of this Mickey Mouse story play out...