Hirst's Mickey Print Soars Again

POSTED: Monday, January 25, 2016


Last week we had our interest piqued by, and eyes peeled to auction house Phillip’s Evening and Day Editions Sale where Damien Hirst’s Mickey Mouse spot print went up for auction for the second time in just six months.


By now we all know the story of this piece; the edition that went for on the market in 2014 at £3,000 and soon after sold out at £8,000, to then the following year reach an astounding £37,500 in Phillip’s 11 June 2015 sale.


Damien Hirst, Mickey


Estimated between £10,000 and £15,000 in anticipation of last Thursday’s editions sale, there was much speculation and intrigue whether the print would once again soar beyond its estimate or if its success in the June 2015 sale was a one-off occurrence.


However, it seems that the mix of one of the best loved cartoon characters in history and one of the world’s most famous artists is a winning combination, as the work fetched an impressive £32,500. While this was indeed £5,000 less than at the last auction, the figure is still astonishing and surely points towards the making of an iconic print.