Corinne Dalle-Ore's Christmas Cups

POSTED: Wednesday, November 30, 2016


With temperatures dropping and the count down to Christmas on, we’re heading to Muriel’s Kitchen to warm up with a tasty hot beverage in a limited edition Corinne Dalle-Ore designed cup.  We were so thrilled when Muriel's asked us to design their Christmas cup, it's such a festive thing to be part of and we loved every minute.  Beautifully illustrated and available at all their London locations, these miniature masterpieces are guaranteed to get you feeling festive; so why not treat yourself to a scrumptious hot chocolate or luxurious latte…make sure you post a photo of you with your Christmas cup and tag Muriel's Kitchen and Loughran Gallery on instagram.  Enjoy! 


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To celebrate the launch last week, we’ve been behind the scenes to catch up with Muriel’s Kitchen dream team Charlotte and Sam, artist Corinne Dalle Ore, and our very own Loughran Gallery girl Juliette to find out a bit more…


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Corinne, where did you grow up and when did you decide to become an artist?


I grew up in Saint-Tropez in the 70's, and decided to be an artist as my beloved grandmother was a Polish artist.


What inspires your work?


My work is inspired by my travels, by fashion, and by iconic people...


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What's your process in creating a new piece?


My process is first to be inspired of course, I find the idea as a writer would do and then lie down what is inside me on the support (canvas usually).


Our clients always comment on how colourful and happy your art makes them feel. Is theme always intended?


I love colours, I live for colours! I like naive atmospheres when colours cheer you up, when they are bright and playful. Themes are not always intended, it can depend on my mood, the weather, my feelings... 


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Thank you so much for creating Muriel's Christmas takeaway cups, they are beautiful, bold and fun! What gave you the idea to make them yellow?


I started painting with a series called 'Kitchen Art' so it seemed obvious when Muriel's asked me to do the Christmas take-away cup to take this direction. The idea of the famous English Christmas pudding also came along naturally, along with with my fun Christmas cupcakes. I used a lime green yellow for the background because the "acid color" is reminiscent of  vintage Christmas colours.


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Have you been into Muriels Kitchen, if so what is your favourite dish?!


I love Muriel's Kitchen, it has such a vibrant atmosphere and the food is so healthy...the cakes are amazing even if I try to be good and resist them, I can't! 



 Takeover Launch - Char & Sam


Sam and Charlotte, what gave you the original idea to use Muriel's Kitchen walls to exhibit art?


Sam: We both loved the idea of hanging art work on the walls at Muriel’s because it brings colour and variety into the restaurant and gives the customers and staff something fun and interesting to look at, which also adds to the atmosphere. We love the concept of changing the walls thought the year because it keeps things fresh and exciting.


Muriels 1


Muriel was obviously an amazing cook, what are your favourite dishes?


Charlotte: At the moment it's our new Veggie Breakfast bowl. It's seriously tasty and keeps me full up all day. That said, I am a true die hard fan of our chicken and peach curry; it was actually my mum's recipe and it brings back so many great memories of family dinners! 


The most recent addition to Muriel's is MK in Putney, talk us through the concept?


Sam: MK Putney is a grab and go/take away cafe and store that’s open from 7am to 6pm, 7 days a week, offering freshly made sandwiches, salads, protein pots, cold pressed juices and a range of hot mains from our restaurants like our beef lasagne, fish pie and chicken curry and daily changing soups. We wanted to created a healthy alternative on the high street that offers fresh, seasonal products in a grab and go style.  


Muriels South Ken 1 


Have you always been interested in art?


Charlotte: I drew Van Gogh’s Sunflowers when I was 8, and have had an interest ever since!


Sam: Yes! I’ve loved art from a young age. In school I had an amazing art teacher who gave me a passion for painting and drawing, along with an appreciation for, and understanding of the artists we studied, and the techniques and stories behind the works. 


Muriels Richmond Piers Bourke Dave White


Who are your favourite artists at the moment?


Charlotte: Harland Miller, Jessica Zoob, Van Gogh and Miss Van 


Sam: Katharina Grosse, Dave White and I love Rembrandt! 


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What's the most memorable feedback you've had from the art takeover (good…or bad!)?


Charlotte: I met someone at a dinner recently who said have you been to Muriel’s to see the Dave White art there, it's so cool! It was just so lovely to know people are taking notice.


Sam: For me the best thing is having someone come to Muriel’s for a coffee or some lunch that then ends up leaving with a piece of art that they love! It's great that people can really take their time to look at the works and make up their minds while enjoying the atmosphere of the restaurant. 


And lastly, and most you think Muriel would approve?


Charlotte: Definitely of the Art Takeover…but I'm not sure about me serving French fries!!


Sam: 100% yes


Muriels Kitchen Arttakeover 2016 Juliette And Charlotte


Juliette, you've been showcasing artists in Muriel’s for a few years now. How did this begin?


It was Charlotte and Sam's brainchild, we had a pow wow whilst trying the new menu in Soho a couple of years ago and the Muriel's Kitchen x Loughran Gallery Art Takeover was born. We launched with a big party, it was fantastic such a lot of fun, the paintings went down so well, not to mention the drinks and canapés. I think it's such a refreshing way to see art, so relaxed and you can really see how the work would look in your own home. It worked that well we made it into a permanent feature and then more recently rolled it out into South Kensington and Richmond.


Takeover Launch - Room shot


Why did you feel Corinne was the best artist to design our Christmas cups?


Corinne’s work is both playful and uplifting, I thought it would be a really good tie in with the ethos of Muriel's Kitchen.  Each kitchen has it's own personality which we've reflected with the art exhibited in each location. It's been great to see Muriel's grow from strength to strength over the past years and thought that it would be a lovely celebration of this to have each location on the cups. Corinne's urban paintings seemed so perfect and I knew she'd do something really refreshing for Christmas.


How would you describe Corinne Dalle Ore style?


I definitely see influences from Basquiat and Corinne has a real affection for the fifties and sixties which comes through in her work also. The colour and energy is fantastic and the collage ensures you keep finding new parts of the work every time you look at it.


What coffee will you be drinking in yours?


Earl Grey please :)