Meet The Artist: Corinne Dalle-Ore

POSTED: Thursday, April 12, 2018


Have you ever wondered what inspired your favourite work of art? Where was it made? How was it constructed? Contemporary artist Corinne Dalle-Ore invites you into her picture-perfect Parisienne studio to reveal exactly that.


Akin to Ariel’s treasure trove Dalle-Ore’s atelier exists as a treasure trove of objects, antiques and artefacts – and a hoard of vintage Vogue and Elle magazines - she has collected to inspire and inform her iconic city skylines, and her pop and graffiti influenced portraits of both historical icons and cartoon characters.



In the world of an artist who got in trouble at school for handing in notebooks filled with drawings instead of her homework, anything is possible; ‘it’s a fun universe because you can imagine Marylyn Munroe with Trumps hair…why not’. Step inside, and uncover the beautiful mind of artiste plasticien Corinne Dalle Ore …