Piece of the Week - Midnight Water 1


   Jessica Zoob Midnight Waters 1 (1)  Jessica Zoob Midnight Waters 1 (2)  Jessica Zoob Midnight Waters 1 (3)


Midnight Water 1 and its sister piece Midnight Water 2 are our first glimpse of Jessica Zoob's new emerging collection Playtime, and already we can tell that this collection (due for full release in 2015) will be something really special. The deep, dark, luxurious hues of the Midnight Waters mark a really exciting turn in Jessica's work, who has so often worked to create those quiet and calming canvasses we all love. Streaked through with vibrant reds, electric blues and piercing whites, we can see the Playtime Jessica has had in forming her new collection of art.



We know landscape is a huge inspiration for the Sussex-born artist, so in Midnight Waters what is it we see: the bright reflective lights of the city; the fleeting moments of night-time driving; the ethereal light of the moon on water and nature?



The best person to explain this work is the artist herself - watch this interview Jessica gave for the BBC and become entranced by her world of oils, glazes and acrylics...