Piece of the Week - Warrior III & Warrior IV


   Dave White, Warrior III  Dave White Warrior IV (Gallery Shot)  Dave White Warrior IV


We’re throwing ourselves back to a classic with this week’s piece of the week. Its first debut with Loughran Gallery was at our Shoreditch show in 2013 and rightly obsessed over by all who saw it.


From Dave White’s Americana series, Warrior III has been one of Loughran Gallery’s favourite images, so we’ve been a bit greedy and have kept a few editions to ourselves.


As a special summer treat, we’re releasing the very last few editions of Warrior III and his friend Warrior IV, and we’ve even got one or two hand finished editions of the Warrior III.


But beware of lessons taught by our incredible Sold Out show last October – these editions will disappear in an instant, like the spirits of their ancestors in the wind…