Dave White: Albion


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Loughran Gallery were very proud to be the hosts of Dave White's newest collection with the autumn exhibition, Albion.


The collection saw Dave move to completely new subject matter which explored the heritage and iconography of the British Isles. With this exciting new direction, the series featured a range of large-scale oils, watercolours, and some very limited editions.


Dave explained the journey that, through his immensely popular series Natural Selection, has brought him back to home shores: “By exploring various subject matters over the last few years, my work has been presenting endangered wildlife and species from around the world. Whilst that journey continues on an international level, I would like to pay homage to our very own subjects and threatened creatures that we take for granted."


The show opened on October 9th and exhibited for three weeks only, closing on October 25th. Located in the magnicent IRIS Studios in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London, it was the perfect sleek environment in which to showcase these incredible works.


And of course we had a few special surprises up our sleeves, including the unique and arresting Jaguar E Type commission, with White hand painting an Albion-inspired motif onto the classic car.


“Now is the time to draw attention to our much loved countryside.”


For a copy of the exhibition catalogue, click here.