Loughran Gallery, ArtTing


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500 X 275  350 X 275


860 X 275


Loughran Gallery’s summer of art kick-started with another Shoreditch appearance, but this time just round the corner from Redchurch Street at Boxpark.


The show, called ArtTing inspired by a nickname of Juliette’s, was a chance for the gallery to show its versatility with the venue being a converted shipping container.


The size in no way contained the limits of Loughran Gallery as nearly all of Loughran Gallery’s artists were represented, including Blek le Rat, Dave White, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Fred Mann, Marc Quinn and Lara Carew-Jones.


Being in Boxpark opened Loughran Gallery’s audiences to passing walkers-by and curious glancers, and Loughran Gallery enjoyed having a sneaky look round all the other shops Boxpark had to offer!