Loughran Gallery, ONE


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Loughran Gallery ONE 860 x 275.jpg


And so another year has passed, but for Loughran Gallery it is just the beginning! Last week saw the closure of our special ONE exhibition which celebrated the coming of Loughran Gallery’s first anniversary.


Celebrations started, of course, with the private view opening. As well as many of our friends and family, we were also joined by Yu & You, Black Bull Whisky, and the Mac Twins, who all helped to make the evening really special.


We also had the fortune of receiving some very special birthday gifts given to us by our lovely artists in the form of some unique specials and releases.


We were more than a little spoilt for our first birthday, marking the end of a whirlwind 2013. What 2014 will bring we can only guess for we live in the moment, in true Loughran Gallery style. We’ll still be blogging on our travels, including news of course of where we’ll stop next, so keep an eye on our website to not miss out on a very Loughran Gallery 2014!


For a copy of our exhibition catalogue, click here.