Playtime by Jessica Zoob


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Loughran Gallery was thrilled to host their second solo show with artist Jessica Zoob in presenting her latest body of work, Playtime. The new collection, which had been years in the making, was a celebration of colour and emotion with each of the collection's pieces capturing the essence of playtime.


Following on from the success of Jessica Zoob’s award-winning venture into the design world, Playtime returned to the invigorating contemporary impressionist works that such previous collections as Dancing With Colour (introduced by Loughran Gallery in 2013) have made Jessica Zoob known and admired for.


The works exhibited from the new collection showcased the mixed media and multi-layered technique that typify Jessica Zoob’s style. Rich in oils, glazes, acrylics as well as more textured media, Zoob’s canvases have long been sought after by collectors and interior designers alike for the expression as much as the skill that’s embodied in each piece.


Jessica said of the new collection: “Playtime is my most joyful collection to date! I have been so excited to explore working with vibrant jewel like colours and I hope these pieces will make you smile the biggest smiles!”


Click here for a copy of the Playtime catalogue...