Dave White, Monochrome

Dave White Lion II


Many of you have fallen in love with Dave White’s Natural Selection series, and often for one work in particular. Whether it’s the piercing eyes of the Tiger, the innocence of the Young Elephant or the graceful energy of the Hummingbird; there is always one study people become attached to, as if through their own animal instinct.


In an extension of the Natural Selection series Dave has produced a group of works which take the subject matter and study it in a new medium: charcoal. This series, called Monochrome, strips back these heroes of the natural world so that the viewer is left with the simple, raw energy of the animal before them.


Dave White Siberian Tiger


But even distilled down to the bare bones of charcoal and paper, Dave’s sheer skill is able to keep the distinctive features and the character which define the works of his Natural Selection collection. Furthermore, these sketches evoke the classical by depicting these grand animals in that timeless palette of black and white. We are reminded of the studies of Victorian naturalists, forever preserving the images of creatures long since extinct.


Through these simple yet technically brilliant studies, our favourites from the Natural Selection series, and indeed from the natural world, are immortalised on paper. They are given the classical grandeur they deserve, showcasing the prowess of the Lion, the stern look of the Siberian Tiger, and the mysterious power of the Octopus.


Dave White Octopus