Hearts All Aflutter

As an auspicious spiritual symbol and as one of nature’s most unique creatures, we tell you why Dave White’s Hummingbird I & Hummingbird II are the perfect gift for your Valentine’s.


They are one of the world’s smallest birds, capable of the seemingly impossible by flying backwards, and flaunt some of the most vibrantly coloured feathers of its kind. For these reasons alone it is no wonder the not-so-humble hummingbird is worshiped and respected in some of the world’s most spiritual cultures.


 Dave White Hummingbirds I & II


In Native American culture, to possess the Hummingbird as your totem is to be someone who shares the bird’s positive spirit, enjoyment of life and expression of joy in their endeavours. The Cherokee see the Hummingbird as playful, resilient and handsome, whilst the Apache tribe also attributes wonder and integrity.


We hope that by bringing these beautiful and spirited editions into your home, you will also be bringing in the optimistic spirit of the Hummingbird. To bestow such lovely qualities on your Valentines is no greater symbol of love.


Dave White Moving Hummingbird