Loughran Gallery Takes Over Muriel's Kitchen

Muriel's & LG Branding


Loughran Gallery joins forces with Muriel's Kitchen, one of Soho's most popular places to eat, to produce a whole new approach to buying art. Think delicious, fresh recipes and cool, contemporary art works in one quite literally sensational experience.


Set up by Charlotte and Sam Miller, the concept of Muriel's Kitchen was inspired by Charlotte’s true ‘no-nonsense’ Grandmother whose kitchen was the heart of her home. Many of the secrets of her recipes, which have been passed down the generations, live on through the dishes seen on the menu today.


Muriel's Kitchen Shot


All who come to the Art Takeover in Muriel's Old Compton Street location will be encouraged to enjoy and take in the art over a place of wholesome food, making the whole process of viewing and buying art relaxed and enjoyable. We can't wait to show our contemporary pieces in a homely setting, showing just how easy it is to bring any work of art into your home.


Highlights of the show will be limited editions from Damien Hirst, Dave White, Marc Quinn and Tracey Emin with original delights from Jessica Zoob and Lara Carew-Jones.


Running from June 11th to July 21st, we hope you can come join us for a plate of food, maybe even a cheeky glass or two, and just chill deciding on the next addition to your art collection.



Loughran Gallery at Muriel's Kitchen

Art Takeover!


36 - 38 Old Compton Street

London W1D 4TT

Monday - Saturday 8am - 11pm

Sunday 9am - 10pm