A-list Art

They're some of the world's richest and most glamorous people that walk the earth, and so it makes perfect sense they choose to invest in works from the coolest and most lucrative artists around. But how cool would it be for you to be able to have in your home the same piece of art that graces the walls of, say, Brad Pitt, Beyonce or the Beckhams? Well, you can, with Loughran Gallery's guide to Art of the A-List!


Angelina & Brad at MoMA Gala




One thing the A-listers like is art with a message. It fits perfectly with the charitable work of such esteemed celebrities as Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise... who both own a Banksy, as well as the Beckhams. In 2007, Brad Pitt & Angelina were rumoured to be behind the sale of an original Banksy for £1 million at auction, not one of the controversial pieces of actual wall mind you, just one of the works of paper Banksy has done in the past as part of his legit commercial side.


Beyonce at Art Basel


Damien Hirst


One of the richest living artists, Damien Hirst can count Elton John, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Madonna and Wham! frontman George Michael amongst his famed fans. 2014 has been a stellar year for Hirst so far, with the added benefit of all financial successes going straight to charitable causes, with the sale of Mickey in February and Gone But Not Forgotten in May. We hope this is what inspired the likes of Madonna to cash in on a Hirst themselves.


Takashi Murakami


Now Takashi Murakami seems to hold most of his appeal to the LA music scene, with the likes of Kanye West and Pharrell Williams practically tripping over themselves in complimenting the Japanese superflat artist. Murakami designed the album cover for Kanye's Graduation album, and he has collaborated with Pharrell many times over the past few years, including in producing a new sculpture encapsulating Pharrell's favourite things.


Takashi Murakami and Pharrell Williams


Tracey Emin


Like Hirst and Banksy, we think it is Tracey Emin's sense of the satirical in her work addressing social issues which appeals to the rich and famous. The Beckhams again are proud owners of a few Emins, and award-winning director Sophia Coppola is also a huge fan. The crafted minimalism of Emin's work can be translated into the visual style of Coppola's films, notably Lost In Translation and The Bling Ring.


Tracey Emin Walking Around My World  Scarlett Johansson Lost in Translation


So take a leaf out of the A-List Guide and fill your home with creative pieces, to inspire you to create films or do some charitable work... But unlike the A-listers there is no need to spend a million pounds on these pieces - the brilliance of these artists is that they are accessible to all, giving any home that touch of A-list glam.