NEW: Jessica Zoob Works Loughran Gallery

Following the success of Jessica Zoob’s solo exhibition Playtime at Loughran Gallery in May 2015, a series of canvases exuding an undeniable joy and wonderment with life, Loughran Gallery has for the opening of its new gallery space at 43 Cadogan Gardens, brought a new selection of Zoob’s works to its walls, filling them with the energy of her exuberant paintings.


Jessica Zoob Irresistible Cadogan Gardens

The selection invites the viewer into Zoob’s dreamscape where colour and texture speak the language of the senses: in Irresistible, Zoob’s engagement with sumptuous dark blues, greens and bright oranges evoke a sensuality in the large scale triptych and a similar delight is echoed in the dusty blues and shimmering golds of Playfulness 4, 5 & 6.


Jessica Zoob Playfulness Triptych Cadogan Gardens


Jessica Zoob Playfulness Cadogan Gardens

Meanwhile, a feeling of nostalgia and longing can be found in the ethereal canvases Chasing Memories Capturing Threads 1 & 2 and Her Dream Garden, while a sense of transcendence permeates the beautiful works Pale Gold Morning 1, 2 & 3 and Delicate Dancing Light.

Loughran Gallery invites you to take in its new space and not least Zoob’s spellbinding canvases; to see how they transform the naked walls of our exiting new industrial style gallery and illustrate how they will fill any home or office with the colour, texture and imaginings so recognisable and celebrated in Zoob’s oeuvre.


Jessica Zoob Perfect Golden Moment Cadogan Gardens