Charlie Barton's painting Artemis at Loughran Gallery


"Artemis of the wildland, Mistress of Animals”. This is how the greek poet Homer described the goddess and daughter of Zeus and Leto. In Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of a great many things, for instance the hunt, wild animals, wilderness and childbirth and was often depicted carrying a bow and arrow. 


Artemis and Jumping Roe


She is one of the most venerated Greek gods and has been the subject for many artists throughout history and it was also in her honour that the planet Artemis was named. These two mediums of art and astronomy come together in perfect symbiosis in the imposing and beautifully textured painting Artemis by Charlie Barton


Charlie Barton Artemis Lightbox 1


Presiding in blues and golds over Loughran Gallery’s current Winter Group Show, Barton’s planet assumes the deific qualities of its namesake and had visitors at the Winter Show preview party fixed to the ground in awe.


Artemis At Blizzard


The painting draws spectators to its organic atmosphere, the sheer scale and meticulous execution of the work giving viewers the sense of standing face to face with the planet itself, and the piece is undeniably a stunning homage to both the celestial world, ancient history and the powerful goddess Artemis herself.


Watching Artemis