Frederique Morrel's Tales On Tapestries


Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house. Many creatures were stirring, but sadly not including a mouse. Let Loughran Gallery tell you the stories of Frederique Morrel's fantastical creatures, whose tapestries have been carefully woven to tell tales of love, laughter and freedom...


The Smoker

The scene on this laying Bambi is homely, comforting and warm with the wood stove in the background and the father figure taking a pipe in the foreground. The smoke rising from the Bambi's nuzzle; is that the smoke rising from the home's chimney or is it the Bambi expelling the warm pipe smoke from its protagonist? We are inclined to believe the former as a little bird nests on his brow.


Tales On Tapestries Bambi Lying Black


Tales On Tapestries Bambi Lying Black Close


The Smoker is also a special piece for its trophy panel on the rear. This panel emblem was designed specifically for the display at Loughran Gallery's Winter Group Show, as a motif representing artefacts coming alive and escaping from the walls to be creatures alive with character and stories. 


 Tales On Tapestries Bambi Lying Black Side



Baby Steps

A father crouches on the ground, arms outstretched, beckoning for his baby daughter to take her first delicate steps towards him. Still safe in her mother's clutches, the babe is eager to grow and make the exciting journey both literally across the earth and metaphorically in her development. The laying Bambi is wide-eyed and inquisitive, just like the little girl woven into her tapestry. She looks up wanting to make the journey back to your home!


Tales On Tapestries Bambi Lying Green


Tales On Tapestries Bambi Lying Green Close



My Fear, My Love

My Fear is a pastoral scene fresh from the wild Russian Steppe. A plough horse pulls the sled holding a young family as their dog skips alongside, as the faces of young maidens with curls and cotton shirts frame the scene. On the beast's belly lies the central tale; one of love between two rural characters. Is there danger for this couple with the looming Alsatian barking on My Fear's brow? Will our Hero conquer the demon? Or will the little bird end up crushed between the beast's jaws after all...


Tales On Tapestries My Fear


Tales On Tapestries My Fear Back



Two Pretty Ladies

From tragic love to blossoming beauties: our two feathered friends bring joy and gracefulness to our story. Our standing Bambi is a shy beauty with all the poise and posture of the pink flamingos on her back. Roses complete this perfect scene as they grow beside still, tranquil waters.


Tales On Tapestries Bambi Standing Pink


Our sitting Bonny is more brash and sure of himself with a beautiful plumage of peacock feathers. Known for their confidence and pride, our Bonny is nevertheless one of the loveliest of our fantastical creatures with blossoms and blooms growing up his gentle green ears.


Tales On Tapestries Bonny Sitting Navy



De Grappenmaker

Our funny Bonny friend is never far away when there's a smile to be had or a laugh to share. With happy bright eyes and a clown's big red nose, he is also very polite and dresses for the occassion with a bow tie around his neck. His beautiful orange tail, the windmill in his ears and tulips all down his back tell us he is a Bonny who hails from Holland, meaning it's only courteous we call him by his native name De Grappenmaker.


Tales On Tapestries Bonny Standing Gold


Tales On Tapestries Bonny Standing Gold Close


Tales On Tapestries Bonny Standing Orange Back



Free Spirit

Jumping Roe Deer is our mischievious creature daring enough to escape his gallery home. He leaps for freedom listening only to the instincts which are woven into his tapestries. He is adorned with the flora and fauna of his woodland home, including a small herd of deer. Perhaps these are his memories of home to which he wishes to return! And who are we to stop him; a cheeky tongue pokes out as he waves goodbye...


Tales On Tapestries Jumping Roe Deer


Tales On Tapestries Jumping Roe Deer Close



As our lady Artemis watches over all her fantastical creatures, come and see their enchating tales woven through tapestry during this magical time of year...


Frederique Morrel In Blizzard