Tracey Emin Believe in Extraordinary New Edition


'Believe in Extraordinary' is the achingly beautiful new edition from artist Tracey Emin which has got us all falling head over heels.


Depicting a small bird perched on the branch of a pomegranate tree, the edition has been created by Emin to mark the arrival of the European Games in Baku this June. The pomegranate is a symbol of togetherness in Azeri folklore and so has been adopted across all branding during the Baku Games.


Tracey Emin Believe in Extraordinary


The European Games in Baku, the Paralympic Games in London, the BAFTA Awards... these aren't particularly romantic events and yet romance remains at the heart of all of Emin's works as she captures the essence of these big events. Believe In Extraordinary represents the ethos of the GB Team that will be travelling to participate at Baku; their endeavour, their strive and their passion to achieve.


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