Charlie Barton Moon Paintings


Charlie Barton Chandra


For centuries it has entranced and bewitched, inspiring the minds of our world’s greatest thinkers from Galileo to Sir Patrick Moore. No wonder our newest artist Charlie Barton has taken her artistic inspiration from this celestial character.

Barton’s moonscapes are as spiritual as they are detailed, it is almost as if the pieces reflect the lunar light we see in our skies at night. With a textured surface containing all the ripples, dust and scars of a cosmic entity, these portraits are honest and from the heart; a true embodiment of natural beauty.


Charlie Barton Artemis

As well as Barton’s own love of the universe, it is impossible to see these works without feeling the impact the moon has had over hundreds of years of culture. Chandra is a lunar deity from Hindu culture. He represents the brain, mind and emotions, something which is also echoed in our own culture with many believing the moon having an effect over our minds and behaviour.


Artemis is Barton’s celestial tribute to the Greek goddess of hunting, forests and hills, archery and, of course, the moon. Her tradition as a brave, wise deity has seen her name adopted for many astronomical phenomena such as a minor planet, a lunar crater and even a chasm on the planet Venus. Artemis is also the goddess of birth and fertility, a sentiment felt in cultures across the world where the moon’s regular phases represent new beginnings.


Charlie Barton Chandra

Perhaps in our world of ever-increasing electric light invading our night skies, it is now more than ever that we yearn to reconnect with the universe beyond. This week’s emergence of Pluto, after a nine-year scientific project and hundreds of years of human wondering, has once again sparked our imaginations and ambitions.


But as Sir Patrick Moore once said, it is not just science that we need to look at the cosmos: "I’ve been looking at the moon all my life, but always as a scientist. Charlie shows the moon in a new perspective, she makes the lure of the moon even more irresistible."


Charlie Barton Aphrodite