New Dave White Oil Paintings of Young Elephants


The Loughran Gallery on Motcomb Street has two new additions to our current Summer Group Exhibition.  Dave White has done it again.  Not only has he created two striking oil paintings in his unique expressive style, but he has managed to capture the playful characteristics of the majestic young African elephant in 'Young Elephant VII' and 'Young Elephant VIII'.


Young Elephant VII


In his latest paintings Dave uses his confident brushstrokes to convey the soft gentle eyes and upturned smile of a young elephant, which are both such endearingly iconic attributes for one of the largest living land animals. 


Young Elephant VIII


The new oils will accompany the elephant's cohabitant on the African plain 'Cheetah III'.  You will also find some other treasures by our favourite gallery artsists so come and see for yourself.  For more information on any of the works you see featured on our website, please contact [email protected] or call 020 7235 4326.


Cheetah Iii