Experience Eden as never before


Taking place on selected dates from 25th November to 30th December, Chirs Levine’s iy-project is set to light up the night sky, painting the Biomes and the plant displays with festive colours at the Eden Projects annual Festival of Light and Sound


Festival Of Light And Sound 1


Following its conception in collaboration with the Paul Weller Eden Sessions in 2009 and appearances at Glastonbury and Hastings earlier this year, the roaming light art installation will interact with its surrounding environment from plants, trees and people to architectural forms and atmospheric conditions. The candescent choreographed beams aim to inspire an immersive and meditative effect encouraging visitors to experience Eden as never before.


Chris Levine Small Lenticular Compassion


The lasers will work in tandem with Solfeggio tones (a specific frequency that is said to be central to the musical mathematical matrix of creation), enhancing the transcendental experience further. The artist adds "I love working with lasers – everything is energy; we are compressed energy. By the time you leave the biome, it will feel like you have been meditating for a couple of hours. You'll feel alright!"




Chris Levine has been described as a true visionary by photographer Mario Testino and f***ing incredible by Grace Jones, while Robert "3D" Del Naja from Massive Attack has said ‘Chris is like an atom in an excited state – he's the true laser master’. Exploiting his understanding of the energy that connects us and our environment the artists iy_project promises its audience inner peace. Its an experience not to be missed…namaste!