Charlie Barton's Cygnus Is The Brightest Star


Loughran Gallery regulars will be familiar with the intriguing planet paintings by Charlie Barton; their presence are part of a number of works that in many ways have defined our residencies up to now and they have certainly proved highly popular with our visitors and collectors.


So we are delighted to introduce a new work by Charlie that will resonate with all those who have loved her pieces up to now, but one which also adds to and expands on her catalogue in its use of constellations and their visual representations.


Charlie Barton Cygnus Snr


Barton’s dramatic painting Cygnus SNR is a work of explosive energy and colour. Referencing the northern constellation of the same name which counts Daneb, one of the night sky’s brightest stars, in its constellation, the painting uses Barton’s recognisable layering technique which creates the highly textured pieces she is so celebrated for. 


It is a also work that examines the many tones and shades of red; from purples, deep burgundy, to orange and bright reds, resulting in a work of great presence and power.


    Charlie Barton Cygnus Snr Lightbox 2


And where the constellation itself takes its name from the Greek work for Swan, Barton’s painting equals the majestic qualities of this bird and leaves the viewer in a similar state of awe as the observance of the constellation itself would inspire.


Cygnus has a pronounced presence in literature and mythology, featuring in several Greek mythology narratives as well as in Ovid’s famous work Metamorphoses and Barton’s painting not only pays great tribute to these stories and myths, but also expands on them with her visual rendition of the constellation.


    Charlie Barton Cygnus Snr Lightbox 4


In a work which interprets one of the most recognisable constellations in the sky, we wouldn't be surprised if this too becomes a work that many will recognise Barton herself through.