Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Chris Levine


As Queen Elizabeth II approaches her 90th birthday, there has never been a better time to invest in portraiture of this legendary monarch.


Born in 1926 and crowned in 1952, the Queen has seen the shape and size of this world change beyond recognition. A world war, the creation of new states, the fall of regimes, the age of technology and increased globalisation - the reign of Britain and the Commonwealth's longest serving monarch has endured dramatic changes in world pace.


Chris Levine Lightness Of Being Golden


Two of our artists have taken inspiration from the Queen to create series of artworks in her iconic image, the light artist Chris Levine and the collage artist Piers Bourke.


Chris Levine's portfolio extends from the 2004 sitting Her Majesty which had been commissioned by the Jersey Heritage Trust. From this one sitting, which used pioneering track camera technology for the three-dimensional effects of his famous lenticular pieces, we have seen the series Equanimity and Lightness of Being.


Chris Levine Fluro 1 & 2


Chris Levine Equanimous 1


Chris Levine Lightness of Being  Chris Levine, Equanimity


Piers Bourke has explored the theme of the Queen through his philatelist series and the tongue-in-cheek collection Lick My Rear. From a series of extraordinarily detailed collages to the remarkable Lick My Fire installation comprised of Perspex rods, these pieces capture the nostalgic iconography of the postage stamp and its cultural significance.


Piers Bourke Lick My Rear Grey Pink


Lick My Fire Piers Bourke


Piers Bourke Lick My Rear Hong Kong


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