Immortalised in lights


Chris Levine Bowie Tribute


Famed for his innovative portraits of The Queen, Kate Moss and Grace Jones, contemporary artist Chris Levine’s light-art installation celebrated the life of the icon and super-‘Starman’ David Bowie, at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday night.


Chris Levine Lightness Of Being


Chris Levine Shes Light Dots


Fittingly, the performance - accompanied by the magnificent sound of American composer Philip Glass’ Heroes Symphony (no prizes for guessing which Bowie album that's inspired by) – was projected into the night sky. Immersive and by extension transformative, Chris Levine’s amalgam of geometric, wave and nebula light forms alongside Glastonbury’s first ever classical headliner is a moment that will do down in musical history.


David Bowie Heroes


Chris Levine Bowie Triubte 2


The artist says “My encounter with David Bowie when I was at art school, touched me deeply and was formative. His music took us to the edge of time with one foot somehow in the future – leading us to a silvery place where anything could happen next.  The cyclic music of Phillip Glass is utterly trance inducing and combined with my iy project laser waveforms takes us into a meditative space – a spiritual dimension where the Starman now resides. It’s an honour to create this work.”