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Juliette Loughran on going from pop-up shows to established gallery... 


Art collector and curator Juliette Loughran Founded Loughran Gallery in 2013 through a series of pop-up shows at various cultural landmarks in London; from a converted shipping container in Shoreditch to an award-winning complex on the South Bank. The Chelsea local tells us a little more.


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How did Loughran Gallery start?

Loughran Gallery originally started with a pop-up show in Notting Hill. It was so much fun and really kick-startedwhat I thought was going to be a small project into a business. I now can't imagine not being involved with it. 


How and where do you find artists?

Normally quite randomly and always when I don't expect it, either flicking through magazines or browsing online. I came accross one of my favourite artists, Jessica Zoob, in a clients house. I walked past one of her paintings and was blown away. He kindly introduced us and that's how it started. 


Sloane Square Magazine Juliette Loughran


What makes an artwork great?

For me, if an artwork connects to you and evokes some kind of emotional reaction then it's great. I love art that means different things to different people; it's a constantly evolving world, which makes it so special. 


Where are your favourite Chelsea places?

My two favourite restaurants are Colbert and Granger & Co. - when I'm in town you'll find me at one or the other. At the weekend I love to go into the little shops on Pavillion Road and wander around the Fine Food Market in Duke of York Square. You always find something delicious in there. 

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