Female Founders Present

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Who: Female Founders Present and The Grosvenor Estate


What: Christmas shopping weekend with 50 independent female-founded small businesses, cafe, raffle and inspiring women. 


When: 9-10th December, 10am-6pm. Eccleston Yards, Belgravia, SW1 9NF


How: a £5.00 donation on the door for Women For Women International. (We particularly love their micro-loan project which helps women start their own small business) 


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Moved to manifest her experience of overcoming the obstacle ‘old boys club’ to open the first female only tailor on Saville Row, Phoebe Gormley has made it her mission to seek out likeminded women and build an empowering community of creative and talented female founders; we welcome Female Founders Present.

Female Founders Present2

Alongside an inspiring, curated collection with jewellery made from salvaged gold, beautiful silk pyjamas, sustainable fashion brands, ceramicists, florists, art, interiors and accessories from 50 female founders including a granddaughter-grandmother duo, and two mother daughter teams, Maddie Rose Hills joins the not-for-profit collective to empower, inspire and raise funds for Women For Women International at their inaugural Christmas event...


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'I’m really excited to be a part of Female Founders Present, ‘a not-for-profit collective of female founders’ which is taking place on 9th and 10th December. I was contacted by the organiser, Phoebe Gormley, who is the founder of Gormley and Gamble; the first women's only tailer in the history of Saville Row. I was immediately excited to hear about her ideas for this new venture. FFP is a Christmas shopping experience with 50 businesses all founded by women. The idea is to encourage people to shop from independent brands this Christmas, where your purchase will really have an impact on the seller, as opposed to buying from a much larger brand. The really great part is that 100% of donations will go towards supporting the really amazing charity Women for Women International. The charity helps female survivors of war re-build their lives.’ 


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Gormley Gamble Monogrammed Cashmere Blankets


Katie Leamon Christmas Crackers And Stationery


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Toolally Jewels


Loquet London


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Anna Walker London Bag