O’ little town of Bethlehem


Banksy The Alternivity


Following the opening of the Walled Off Hotel which sits less than a mile from the manger where Jesus was born, and also in the shadow of the world’s most infamous concrete structure, Banksy’s back in Bethlehem with two new works of art and an ‘Alternativity’ directed by Danny Boyle, which will air on BBC2 this Sunday.


Banksy Cherrubs Israeli West Bank Barrier


As intended, the event and installations have caused quite a stir, drawing attention to the wall from all corners of the world - including from the children living less than three streets away, whose parents have shielded them from its existence. In an interview with Metro News, the artist was quoted:


‘The wall [built by Israel through the West Bank] dominates the area. It snakes for hundreds of miles right across the landscape. Although it turns out most of the local children didn’t know it existed. They live right near it, some only a couple of streets away, but their parents had kept it from them in an effort to preserve their innocence. I’d been making plans for an ironic, modern play about their situation but when the kids arrived at the wall they said: ‘What the hell is that?”


Banksy Peace On Earth Bethlehem


As usual Banksy’s artwork highlights controversial issues in the mainstream media; we love his latest insightful artworks. Peace on earth, conditions apply…