A Great White Christmas


 Dave Whie Apex Iii Homepage 2


Forty years ago a film called Jaws hit the big screen and changed our perception of the ocean forever, recounting the story of a menacing man-eater swimming the New Jersey Coast; a fear of the great white shark swept the globe, but Contemporary artist Dave White paint’s a different picture.


Turning the typical iconography of the animal on its head, Dave White re-presents the great white in an awe-inspiring light with Apex III; and with sensitive lines and explosive mark making he admires beauty in the duplicity of its predatory power and grace.


With an increasing understanding of the oceans apex predator and it’s critical importance in balancing our oceanic eco-systems, White’s striking work on paper extends from his ongoing enquiry into animals on the endangered species list, and prepends the voices calling for their protection.


Sure to make the perfect gift for any animal lover Apex III is the latest, highly collectable work by Dave White to land at Loughran Gallery; just in time for a great white Chtistmas...