Jessica Zoob in The Wealden Times


Just what is it that inspires an artwork? The Wealden Times chats to British contemporary artist Jessica Zoob about the motivation behind her pieces...

Jessica Zoob Ask The Artist Wealden Tmes 


The Wealden Times: What inspires you?

Jessica Zoob: I am inspired by my travels and by the beautiful Sussex Downs I am lucky enough to call my home. I see beauty everywhere and try to capture and reflect it in my work. If you want to see photographs of things which inspire me I quite often post them on Instagram.


WT: What are you currently working on?

JZ: I am currently working on a huge collection called Ecstasy which I am hoping to complete at some point next year. The largest painting in the collection is 3 x 14 m. I am also exploring printing onto metals, copper, brass and steel to create unique Limited Edition series of pieces. I am considering the possibilities of creating some fashion items, possibly bespoke bags. I am also very busy renovating and extending a 400 year old cottage and creating a wildlife garden as well as preparing for my annual Open Studio and I am very excited to show everyone how my latest collection is progressing.


WT: Can you run us through a typical working day?

JZ: That simply doesn’t exist for me, every day is completely different! At the moment the day lasts about 18 hours and feels about four days long!


WT: How do you start your creative process?

JZ: I start with glimmers of ideas which nag away at the edges of my mind. Once I begin the process of building up the layers the works often take on a character of their own.


WT: How has your style evolved over your career?

JZ: My style is constantly changing as I keep discovering new paints and techniques and I want to explore the limitless possibilities of colour on canvas. I don’t ever want to become bored so I keep pushing myself to take greater creative risks.


WT: Where does your work end up?

JZ: In private collections worldwide and in corporate environments with large walls.


WT: Can you tell us a little about your recent collaboration with luxury interiors brand, Romo?

JZ: It was a real pleasure working with Romo. I actually had no idea who they were when they first suggested a collaboration but the quality of their textiles was enough to convince me that they would respect my integrity and create a beautiful collection. I think they achieved that and it is wonderful to get so much positive feedback from new clients across the globe. 


Interview courtesy of The Wealden Times.