Maddie Rose Hills, Boundaries

Maddie Rose Hills is taking over Farmacy! This Thursday Maddie will be exhibiting her latest collection of contemporary British art: Boundaries, in Notting Hill’s Farmacy. Both Maddie and Farmacy are passionate about nature and its fundamental life giving force.  Farmacy could not be a better setting for Hill’s stunning pieces. A commitment to creativity and happiness suffuse both the space and the art!


Img 0086


Maddie Rose Hills’ work is deeply inspired by the natural world, she is fascinated by minute details within vast natural landscapes. Her paintings are a homage to rough seas, cliff edges and huge mountains.  The work comes from her own experiences, “places I have stopped at and really looked”.


Mrh Gust


In 2015, Maddie completed a Wildfjords Artist Residency in Iceland. The breathtaking landscapes of Iceland are echoed in her exquisite works, in the crystal blues of meltwater, and evocative greens of great plains. Her abstract works have evolved organically through experimentation and innovation, she creates large-scale, visceral pieces that are both playful and subtly sophisticated.


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Maddie manipulates colour and texture in oversized, spontaneous artworks to create dramatic and delicate pieces. She is fascinated by the instinctive responses that her artworks trigger. Both the viewer and artist are subconsciously drawn to the beautiful details within the painting. She boldly lets the paint flow where it may go, and with layer after layer builds up a simultaneously photorealistic and totally fantastical world!