Dave White's Altruistic Orangutan


With over twenty years of acclaimed international exhibitions throughout the USA, Europe and Asia and longstanding collaborations with brand Nike and Original Penguin, the work of contemporary artist Dave White has become highly coveted and can be found in private collections all over the world; predominantly in paint, charcoal and pastel (and subsequently in print) he expresses and cultivates a multitude of environmental concerns in his altruistic body of work. Ardent, his method of mark making assimilates fast fervent brushstrokes that explore the natural world and demonstrate the incredible variety and beauty he finds in all forms of wildlife. An explosion of orange, brown, pink and burgundy hues in oil, Dave White’s Orangutan is exemplary of the style for which he has become known.


Dave White Orangutan Oil Small


Sadly due to deforestation the great ape has found itself in great peril; sharing 97% of our genes the Orangutan is observant and inquisitive - there are many stories of orangutans escaping from zoos after having watched their keepers unlock and lock doors – and with each brushstroke White works to reconnect us with our forest dwelling friends. With print editions selling out, Dave White’s original Orangutan, in oil, on linen is more in demand than ever…watch this space…