Tagsmart discover Dave White


Developed by the art world for the art world, Tagsmart uses DNA tagging technology to offer you art authentication like never before. This week they discovered the art of Dave White; here’s what they had to say…


Born in 1971 in Liverpool, Dave White brings a fresh take to the traditional paint-to-canvas medium. He uses oil and watercolour to create works that are filled with expression, emotion and dynamism. Known for his animal series’, White captures creatures from the natural world with astonishing vividness, exploiting colour, texture and tonality to generate a unique aesthetic. His works are characterised by an energy of movement, achieved through the sharp splashes, drips and strokes of paint that fill the canvas.


Tagsmart Dave White 1


The artist recently donated the edition number 30/30 of his Gold Leaf Tiger for Artsy’s online auction to raise funds for the Grenfell Tower victims. The auction ran until 1 August and the money raised went to The London Community Foundation


Tagsmart Dave White 2


White has also taken part in the largest installation of public art ever to appear in London BT ArtBox, designed the trainers for the American Olympic basketball team and worked alongside Nike, a collaboration which continues until today. His work has been exhibited at international art fairs and in New York, London, Shanghai, Miami, Rotterdam and Dallas, to name a few. 


As his career continues to reach new heights, and his work attracts more and more attention, Dave White remains fundamentally a brilliant painter…we couldn’t agree more; head over to the Tagsmart blog for the full article.