Emerging Artists 2018 - An Edit

Damien Hirst 45 Park Lane 2


Home to the work of top British artists including Sir Peter Blake, Patrick Hughes, Bruce McLean, Joe Tilson and all 16 of Damien Hirst’s limited edition ‘Diamond Dust Psalms’, The Dorchester Collection’s 45 Park Lane is an established mecca for modern and contemporary art.

Following in the footsteps of The Original 45s, a homage to the innovative and creative vision of British artists curated by the late and great Roy Ackerman, the opening to the 2018 programme is set to celebrate the county’s most exciting up-and-comers and champion the future stars of the art world.


The 45S Mayfair Park Lane


Damien Hirst 45 Park Lane


'The programme will launch with an eclectic show featuring the very best emerging and undiscovered artists, in collaboration with the Young Artists Partnership. This show will be unlike anything seen at 45 Park Lane before with there being an interesting blend of styles and mediums. Many artists are involved in the show, including Victoria Young Jamieson with her pieces inspired by light, air and the atmosphere of Cornwall, and Oli Epp whose modern paintings are informed by his everyday experiences and observations. Amongst others the exhibition will also showcase the unique and profound work of artist Amelia Sampson, editor’s choice for the Celeste Art Prize, and Maddie Rose Hills who paints visceral large scale canvases driven by an interest in play and experimentation.’ 


Maddie Rose Hills Rubble Pl


Heterogeneous by design Emerging Artists 2018 - An Edit will showcase uninhibited and organic paintings by Maddie Rose Hills, atmospheric pencil drawings by Christoper Green, and art Influenced by the concept of the Anthropocene. Promising a progressive and fresh look at British art in Mayfair, the exhibition will open on Park Lane on the 30th of this month. See you there! 


Maddi Rose Hills Nilas Pl