Coachella 2018: Our Art Picks

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has become somewhat a bucket list event and established itself as THE musical mecca for glitter clad millennials to let loose and party. As the bindi-brigade descended on the Indio site last weekend, and prepare to return for the second instalment this weekend to dance under the stars with some of the worlds most celebrated musicians (think Beyoncé, Eminem, Jamiroquai, to name but a few), we’re feeding our appetite for all things art with a look at some of the festivals most inspired installations…




Art Coachella 6


Famed for their installation of the worlds largest disco ball at Bestival on the Isle of Wight and their automated meadow that grew through the stage at the opening ceremony for the European Games in Azerbaijan NEWSUBSTANCE blend state of the art tech and analogue design to create awe and wonder.


Art Coachella 5


Step inside this impressive architectural edifice and experience an altered world as light, colour and perspective shift with every step you take! The view from the top of the seven-story high colour spectrum offers unrivalled views of Coachella and beyond, head up at sunset or sunrise to catch the beautiful explosions of colour and explore the relationship between light at landscape at its finest…




Art Coachella 7


Art Coachella 8


Borrowing from neoclassical-and Baroque architecture these three ghostly, wire-mesh sculptures transcend time and space for an elysian experience. The optical effect of our planets shifting light and atmospheric conditions works with your proximity of the piece; watch the sky grows and shrinks while you move between each structure and contemplate your place in the world.




Coachella Art 4


Multifaceted this magnificent 50-foot work was made from a Lockheed Martin Lodestar jet that the artist scavenged from the internet. It functions as an observation tower and the centre of its very own galaxy surrounded by revolving crystal covered planets, and when the sun goes down computer-controlled LEDs and light compositions animate hand-blown glass flowers which hang from the tail, reflecting the artists interest in metamorphosis, propagation, pollination and retooling of systems.


He says ‘what frankly was a weapon, today is a provocative canvas upon which viewers can explore their curiosity…I am excited about ideas like pollination and propagation and, of course, transformation’…that’s deep man!




Coachella Art 3


Coachella Art 2


With origins in the sky Supernova’s twelve polychromatic tines exist to remind us that anything is possible. In the daytime the structure throws some serious shade for a those in need of sanctuary from the summer sun, and at night it comes alive with ever changing coloured light. Not only is this site-specific work a symbol for your personal memories of Coachella, it’s the perfect place to meet your friends!




Coachella Art 1


The idea for these extended balloon chains began at the iconic Burning Man Festival, when the artist and his girlfriend at the time tied strings of balloons to the back of their bikes so that they wouldn’t lose each other. Now in their ninth year at the festival, these iconic lines of helium filled balloons have returned to flutter high over-head at Coachella.


This ephemeral and kinetic installation is moved by nature, using the sky as it’s canvas impossibly long lines of balloons float amongst clouds in the daytime and sit alongside stars at night. Extending into what seems the very limit of our atmosphere, these beautiful balloons create space for dreaming. 


So there's our art picks for Coachella 2018, if your lucky enough to be en route to Indio for the weekend - enjoy!