The Atelier des Lumieres

Ever since watching Mary Poppins hop into a chalk drawing on the pavement in Disney's eponymous film, the notion of stepping through the frame of our favourite paintings has remained vivid in our imaginations – though sadly it’s eluded our reality.


Marypoppins Klimt 


That was until now, when Culturespaces opened its latest art gallery in a former Parisian foundry without a frame in sight – because at The Atelier des Lumieres the work is the walls, and with 140 laser video projectors and a spatialised sound system your invited to wonder within the landscape of Gustav Klimt’s paintings at their inaugural exhibition.


Klimt 6


Accompanied by a classical soundtrack (think Wagner, Chopin, and Beethoven) the thirty-five-minute moving sequence of Klmit’s most iconic paintings cast across walls, ceilings and floors intends that technology give way to emotion, resulting in an entirely new way of perceiving art – and it’s entirely magical.


Klimt 1


Klimt 4


Klimt 3


‘People do not learn about culture as they did in the past. The practices are evolving and the cultural offering must be in step with them. The passive observation of works of art is no longer relevant, and I’m convinced that people are increasingly learning about art through this immersive experience and the emotions they generate. The marriage of art and digital technology is, in my opinion, the future of the dissemination of art among future generations, as it is able to reach a younger and wider audience than that of the traditional museums.’ Bruno Monnier 


Klimt 7


Gustav Klimt at The Atelier des Lumieres is open now until 31st Januray in Paris – queues are likely, so we’d recommend booking in advance.