The Art of Stamp Collecting


We all love being able to talk face-to-face with friends around the world at the click of a button, browse art on-line or get our kimchi-fix without having to set foot in the kitchen, but in this technology-driven time we’re seeing a trend in the return to values of craft. People are increasingly seeking pleasure in simple, manual things – and one of these things is stamp collecting.


Stamps involve a range of creativity drawn from a vast international archive of design, and it’s here that Piers Bourke found the inspiration for his Lick My Rear series of works. Sourcing iconic imagery from rare and historic stamps, Bourke pays homage to British heritage and highlights the beauty in these once every-day objects.


Piers Bourke Queen Barbra 2


Crafting grid-like collages from archival quality prints, and through playful application of colour Bourke challenges our perception of reality, encouraging you to contemplate the world if, for example, the grass was blue or the sky pink. Hand-finished with elements of acrylic, ink, and diamond dust each edition is unique.


Piers Bourke Queen Barbra


With a resurgence in the popularity of philately (the study of stamps) it’s no surprise that Piers Bourke’s ‘Lick My Rear’ works are in increasing demand. The installation of The Queen Barbra between an iconic Campbell’s soup can by Andy Warhol, and a photograph of Marylin Monroe is a testament to the status of the stamp series as iconic in the making.