Anish Kapoor at Houghton Hall opens

Anish Kapoor at Houghton Hall, Sky Mirror

Sky Mirror, 2018, stainless steel. Eight Eight, 2004, onyx.


As museums and galleries look forward to life after lockdown, it’s not surprising that a number of outdoor exhibitions are among the first to open. It’s also not surprising that celebrated British sculptor Anish Kapoor’s largest UK exhibition of outdoor sculptures is one of the most eagerly anticipated.

Originally due to open in March but postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the exhibition, which launched this month, will run across the grounds and historic interiors of Houghton Hall in Norfolk until 1 November 2020.

It will feature 24 sculptures as well as a selection of drawings and smaller works representative of Kapoor’s body of work created over the past 40 years – think ambitious sculptures adventurous in both form and engineering that will challenge the classical architecture of the house and the beauty of the grounds, while engaging with Houghton’s history.

Curated by Mario Codognato, director of the Anish Kapoor Foundation since 2016, the exhibition will also feature some of Kapoor’s major works in mirror and stone, including Sky Mirror (2018) – a five-metre diameter mirror of stainless steel that reflects and transforms the space around it, turning the world upside down – and a series of carved marble sculptures created in 2001–2003.

Lord Cholmondeley, owner of Houghton, said: “Anish Kapoor is a magician. His elegant reflective pieces throw back the world in mysterious ways. We are proud to have the opportunity to present an important group of Anish Kapoor’s work at Houghton, and are delighted to be able to welcome visitors once again.”

A number of measures, including pre-booked tickets, have been put in place following government guidelines to allow visitors to experience the works at Houghton Hall. Pre-book your tickets here.


Anish Kapoor at Houghton Hall

Untitled, 2018—20, onyx. Untitled, 1997, Kilkenny limestone. Courtesy the artist. Rectangle Within a Rectangle, 2018, granite.

Anish Kapoor at Houghton Hall

Cobalt Blue to Apple and Magenta mix 2, 2018. Spanish and Pagan Gold to Magenta, 2018. Garnet to Apple Red mix 2 to Pagan Gold to Spanish Gold, 2018. Spanish Gold and Pagan Gold mix, 2019.

Cobalt Blue to Apple and Magenta mix 2, 2018.

Cobalt Blue to Apple and Magenta mix 2, 2018.

Unless otherwise stated, images courtesy the artist and Lisson Gallery. © Anish Kapoor. All rights reserved DACS, 2020. Photo: Pete Huggins