Jessica Zoob’s guide to Hong Kong


While we wait to hear if summer holidays are back on the cards, there’s no harm in dreaming about where we’d go when we can, is there? Thanks to Jessica Zoob and her latest works, Asia is pretty high on our list.

We caught up with the British artist to find out her favourite places to go in Hong Kong when she’s not creating in her studio there.

When did you first visit Asia and why did you decide to travel there? 

I first visited Asia when I was a student in 1989. I was writing my dissertation on Chinese performing arts and visited Bali, Java, Hong Kong and Mainland China. The experience changed my life profoundly and has influenced my work ever since. 

What most excites you about Asia?

There are so many things. The landscapes are breathtaking. The seas are warm. Snorkelling here is like flying over a world in Avatar. I have never seen anything so mesmerising and beautiful. 

The markets are full of energy, life and colours. The temples are intricate and fascinating. The back streets completely compelling. I am addicted! 

What role has it played in your style’s evolution?

From very early days people have recognised an oriental influence in my work. In the last six years, I have been lucky enough to have a home here and so all the colours and textures have transferred into my recent paintings. 

Where do you go in Hong Kong when you need to feel inspired?

A little island called Peng Chau. I am hoping to create a studio there. 


Do you have a favourite escape or sanctuary?

I live in a place called Discovery Bay. There are no cars here at all and our island has miles of hiking tracks through unspoiled wilderness, so I don’t have to go far to escape the crazy bustle. 

What are your Hong Kong insider tips?

Hong Kong is more than 250 islands. Many are very remote and as if lost in time. Eating fresh fish on the wharf at Cheung Chau is a must. When we need a glamour fix, we head to the roof of the Prince’s Building where the views are amazing and they serve the best chocolate martinis. 


To view Jessica’s latest works that reflect her Asian adventures click here.


Jessica Zoon