Where there’s Dave White, there’s Hope

Dave White's studio


Hugging is on the horizon. With less than a week to go before you can “cautiously cuddle” your nearest and dearest, we’re here to celebrate the occasion with two artworks that perfectly personify the mood: Hope and Love.

Created by contemporary British artist Dave White during lockdown, these latest works, both oil on Belgian linen, see White – known for reimagining rare and endangered British wildlife in his trademark colourful oil and watercolour paintings – apply his dynamic signature style to the symbol of love and peace – the dove.

Dave White, Love, 2021

Dave White, Love, 2021, 55" x 45"


White told us: “I am a very positive person, but the pandemic has been a real test for us all. I wanted to create something that was beautiful, peaceful and tranquil that countered the containment we all feel. Something that offered inspiration and hope in these dark times we’ve all been living in.

“I am very grateful to live in the countryside and see wildlife every day. That has always been my inspiration. I love what I do and have been lucky enough just to work as normal for the past 12 months.” 

Dave White, Hope, 2021

Dave White, Hope, 2021, 55" x 45"


With next Monday (17 May) not only marking the relaxation of household mixing but also the reopening of museums and galleries (and the option to have a drink without the need for 10 layers and hand warmers), there are certainly reasons to be hopeful.

White says: “As an artist, having people be able to view my works in the flesh again will be very welcome. And the normality of being able to view exhibitions and museums will be so gratefully received.”

To request more information on these uplifting works email [email protected].