Five minutes with.... Dave White

Dave White signing


Talk us through your ideal lazy Sunday morning.
Coffee is always a precious ritual and once in hand I will go and sit and view the tranquility of the Dorset landscape letting my mind wander.


Tell us something people couldn't possibly guess about you.
I am a total obsessive fanatic when it comes to Aviation and military vehicles and hardware.


How old were you when you decided what you wanted to be in life?


What's your all time favourite medium to work in?
Oil paint, delicious, sensual and a cruel mistress for the timid.


If you weren't a successful artist where do you think life would have taken you?
My scratch DJ career was in full flow in the late 90's and practice used to take up 8 hours a day before a tour or gig, and although there was no question of which career I would follow, without Art, Music production is something I think I would have ended up in.


When was your first experience of a piece of art that really affected you?
Roy Lichtensteins WHAAM, I saw it in a book as a kid and it blew me away.



What do you remember about that piece?  Why did it speak to you?

It was beautiful and utterly shocking at the same time, the fact it depicted death in such a vibrant and exciting way completely contradicted it's intent. It still is my favourite painting.



Do you think we do enough as a society to introduce new generations to art?
No, Art history should be part of History in school, it's one of the only things that spans our existence and is so important.



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Dave White Warrior III