Dave White Stag New Original Oil

Just when we start to think Dave White's Albion series couldn't get more exciting, news has just been released of three brand new original works on paper depicting magnificent stag portraits.


Dave White, Stag I


As a creature known for its strength, boldness and crowned by the sheer fearsomeness of its antlers, the stag is widely considered as the king of the forest. It is for this that the stag adorns old family crests as well as carries huge significance in mythologies around the world.


Dave White, Stag II


With this in mind, these works on paper are another example of Dave White's original and contemporary use of watercolour as he successfully uses the watery, delicate medium to take on such a bold, powerful subject matter. Imperial purples and earthy browns allude to the creature's position at the top of forest hierarchy as the watercolour paint itself gives each portrait the almost magical aura which the stag possesses in many worldly cultures.


Dave White, Stag III


Stag I, Stag II and Stag III are being released exclusively with Loughran Gallery this week and are sure to be one of the most popular works in the Albion series yet. Contact us today at [email protected] for more details.