Marc Quinn - Casting An Eye Over History

Marc Quinn Eye of History II


Loughran Gallery is very happy to be showing three works from world-renowned artist Marc Quinn, the ‘Eye of History’ series (2012).


These striking and intriguing etchings display colourful human irises with maps of the world superimposed onto them. The works explore the relationships between mankind and nature; subjectivity and objectivity; and the power and role of our perceptions of the world.


Throwing light onto human responsibility, the works focus on different geographical locations, arguably to highlight political issues such as global warming. The different landscapes in each work also reflect the ‘mapping’ of our identity as individuals, each with our unique make-up and our unique views of life. In this series however, the individual and the whole are converged into one. 


Marc Quinn Eye of History IV


The works make for a stimulating exploration of what we ‘see’ and understand as reality, compared to say, our cultural values and observations. Every person is unique in his or her outlook, as each work is unique in its presentation of the world.  The fiery purples and yellows in Etching II contrast with the calming and serene blues and greens of Etching IV.


Whatever political or historical message you take from these works, the pictorial effect is just as arresting. The black silhouettes are just as mesmerising as the streaks of diffusing colours.


These Marc Quinn’s are as fascinating and absorbing as they are unusual and arguably haunting. We are extremely lucky to have not 1, but 3 of these brilliantly creative works.


Marc Quinn Eye Of History II Snippet  Marc Quinn Eye of History III Snippet  Marc Quinn Eye of History IV Snippet