To Dance With Colour

To dance with colour seems a thing only possible in the land of slumber, only during a spiralling dream of bright shapes, vivid hues and exhilaration. It seems something that can only be imagined, conjured, something which brings to mind feelings of soaring and liberty. And yet, it also means something that is unobtainable, leaving notes of yearning and wishing that it could be possible.


Dancing With Colour by Jessica Zoob captures the vibrancy of this dream in oils and glazes. The peacock blues and lime greens sing and sweep like swallows in summer, their trails fading into the mist of the mountainous forms which surge in the background. The canvas evokes a dream that is tangible, it is an imagination which is visible; Jessica’s rich and bold oils have the strength to ground its dreamy matter to make the overall effect raw and real.


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The sweeping lines of the two pieces on show are synonymous with the Chinese tradition that Jessica has been so inspired by. Whilst studying her craft at the Central School of Arts and Nottingham University, Jessica travelled around China and Indonesia to research the artistic disciplines of the region.


It is clear this had a profound effect on Jessica’s art; shifting perspectives, a oneness with nature, negative space and a strong connection to calligraphy are all elements of East Asian art that can be found in Jessica’s work, not least Dancing With Colour. The broad brush strokes of pure colour encourage the viewer’s eyes to skip and dance across the whole composition, whilst confident spaces of white divert and slow down the momentum.


The method of its creation is somewhat of a dance with colour too. Jessica can spend weeks, months and often years to complete one of her pieces. Layers of glazes and oils are placed, scrapped off, poured on again, chipped off once more, with variations on the control Jessica has over the process. There is control and skill on Jessica’s part, but ultimately it is the paint, and the colour, which dictates.


The work gives its name to Loughran Gallery’s latest show, which is in itself a dance with colour. From the explosion and raw glory of the Passion pieces and Triumphant to the tranquillity and harmony exuded by the Exhilaration triptych and The One, the exhibition waltzes the emotions of the viewer.


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