One World, Billions of Stars

Sochi Olympics


Few events on the earth unite the world population together in a way that is peaceful, respectful and exclusive of political agendas, but the Olympic Games do just that. After coming together for three weeks of the most amazing competition, the Sochi Winter Games are coming to a close this weekend, with national teams, delegations and press dispersing back to their own separate corners of the world.


Marc Quinn’s Eye of History edition series explores this idea of focused, local thinking, with each edition centralising on a different part of the globe. Have you ever noticed how the UK is always at the centre of our global maps? Yet in the U.S. it is the American continent which sits in the middle? As human beings we can only relate to the world from our own point of view, or, from our own view point, and the Eye of History recognises this perception and the power it holds.


Marc Quinn Eye of History IV


To superimpose the silhouettes of our world onto an eye immediately connects the fate of the world to the power of the human perception, whilst making the land nothing more than a shadow eliminates all trace of culture. For what is culture other than the projection of ourselves onto the land?


Eyes are a recurrent theme in Quinn’s work, with We Share Our Chemistry With The Stars being another edition series that explores the role of human beings on the earth. To Quinn, the eyes are the “doors of perception,” and the “portal between inner and outer.” There are more than a billion of us out there, each as unique as the billions of stars we are all made of.


Irises are as distinctive as fingerprints; they are an external window into the internal colour of our being. With the Eyes of History, the unity of the individual and the world is potent and resonant particularly with the closing of such an internationally unifying event. It is important we keep reminders of our global responsibility around us, to remind us to relate our individual lives to the lives of others. Marc Quinn’s Eye of History and We Share Our Chemistry With The Stars capture these ideas perfectly, making them the ideal window of spiritual guidance to display in our homes.


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