Dale vN Marshall, Frederique Morrel and Corinne Dalle-Ore


With the recent introduction of Dale vN Marshall, Frederique Morrel and Corinne Dalle-Ore to Loughran Gallery, there’s so much new art to enjoy and so much to admire about the three newest additions to the gallery’s stable of artists;


 Dale Marshall Portrait


Dale vN Marshall was born in Bath in 1974 and his work is the sum of hard won experience. Initially a graffiti artist working under the ‘tag’ vN or Vermin, Marshall was slowly drawn into the darker aspects of street life and its drug culture, this finally culminating with Marshall being sectioned in Cornwall County Asylum which was followed by years of suffering from clinical depression.


However, with his self-discharge from anti-depressives and a return to practicing art, Marshall started to flourish both creatively and personally, and his solo exhibition Walls With Wounds at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum of Coventry in 2014 became Marshall’s artistic breakthrough.


   Dale Marshall Untitled 2.jpg  Dale Marshall Untitled 1.jpg  Dale Marshall Untitled 3.jpg


Dale Marshall Untitled 1 2 3 Detail


Dale Marshall, Mayfair Balloons


The exhibition can be considered the launch and definition of Marshall’s art and practice in its display of raw, unflinching canvases documenting his journey from mental illness through to redemption.


The success was followed by further shows ‘Cut Up and Rewired’ in October–December 2015 at the Anno Domini Gallery in California; a solo show with Vanessa Brodrick Fine Art at the LAPADA art fair in September 2015; and the August 2014 exhibition ‘Beauty In The Wound’ with Soze Gallery in Los Angeles.


Frederique Morrel Laughing In Antlers


Frederique Morrel is an internationally renowned embroidered taxidermy sculptor.


She is known and celebrated for her ability to transcend the boundaries between art, craft and design and she weaves together usually contrasting eras and images to summon creatures that tell fables and stories of unrestrained joy and wonder. 


Morrell started her artistic practice in 1990 and her 25-year long career has seen her exhibit across the world in cultural capitals such as New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Beirut and Moscow.


 Frederique Morrel Bonny Collage


 Frederique Morrel Hermes Window


In 2014 Morrel’s sculptural creations were the feature for Hermès’ windows during the prestigious Art Basel art fair, and other exhibitions include Running Tape, 2013 and Pets Academy, 2012 with Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London; an installation for Hermès at their prominent Madison Avenue space; and a host of other succesful shows.


Her creations feature in a number of international art collections and Morrel has since 1983 also served as professor of fashion, art and design at Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués Duperré.


  Corinne Dalle Ore Bio Pic Web


Corinne Dalle-Ore was born in St. Tropez in 1963 where she began her creative practice before leaving for the United States where she in 1987 gained a scholarship to study art. 


Upon returning to France she moved to Paris where she studied at the Academie Charpentier and the Ateliers de la Grande Chaumiere and after a departure from art via jobs in the music industry, she returned to painting in 1999 and soon started working as a full-time artist.


Dalle-Ore quotes artists Cy Twombly and Jean-Michel Basquiat as influences and their signature grafitti and calligraphy styles are evident in her works which, in their mixed media use of glue, ripped paper and paint, additionally draw on old-fashioned advertising imagery, popular cultural icons such as Mickey Mouse and Popeye, as well as a iconic images of historical figures.


 Corinne Dalle-Ore Collage


Dalle-Ore has exhibited across the globe and in as diverse places as Qatar, Sweden, USA, UK, Singapore and Brussels, and her works were most recently showed at the ever-exciting Affordable Art Fair as it toured London, Hong Kong, Brussels, New York, Singapore, Hampstead, Hamburg.