Winter Group Show preview party

Tuesday evening saw Loughran Gallery’s Winter Group Show preview party unfold amongst a cornucopia of canvases and installations from artists Charlie Barton, Corinne-Dalle-Ore, Dale vN Marshall, Frédérique MorrelJessica Zoob, Nick Jeffrey and Piers Bourke.


        Sloane Square Christmas               


Emerging from naked walls or rising against the raw concrete floors of Loughran Gallery’s Cadogan Gardens space, a colourful menagerie of Frédérique Morrel’s taxidermy tapestry animal creations filled the night with fables and magic; bunnies, deer, a playful raccoon and even a lone wolf, echoed the Parisian festive ‘Adopt A Pet’ tradition, and Morrel’s signature use of vintage tapestries gave the evening a historical feel.


        Frederique Morrel In Blizzard             


Where Morrel in her innovative sculptures beautifully resurrected crafts otherwise lost to history, her fellow Parisian artist Corinne Dalle-Ore gave the night a cosmopolitan and undeniably contemporary feel with her reimagined pop-inspired portraits of characters as varied as Mao and Mickey Mouse; and sipping Sipsmith’s delicious sloe gin cocktails, guests were also invited to take in New York’s skyline through Dalle-Ore's vibrant and playful city-inspired canvases.


        Corinne Blizzard Opening           


And from one capital to the next, Piers Bourke’s hand-finished prints of the iconic London telephone boxes Soon To Be Removed rang out with the fascinating mix of colour and nostalgia that has given Bourke so many admirers, while his new stamp-inspired pieces had the crowd transfixed by the delicate folds that gave the works a fascinating three-dimensional effect.


       Piers Bourke Blizzard Opening


Another meticulously detailed and intriguing contribution came from Dale vN Marshall whose inescapably confrontational and emotional canvases had visitors wrapped in quiet contemplation of Marshall’s courage and his admirable ability to communicate and paint the mind and thus transmit a deeply personal experience to the wider public.


       Dale Charlie Frederique Blizzard   


Opposite Marshall’s moving works, Jessica Zoob’s stunning canvases danced with vibrancy and once again hailed her as a master of texture and colour – so much so that many guests surely felt transported from the winter cold into the warm and exuberant atmosphere Zoob has such a talent for summoning. 


      Charlie Jessica Blizzard Opening


This feeling of colour and delight would undeniably have carried through when taking in Nick Jeffrey’s works; in Jeffrey’s large installation Aurora Borealis, the blazing wings of a swarm of butterflies offered up the Northern Lights to its fascinated viewers - one of nature’s most treasured experiences that, up until Jeffrey’s visionary display of these ethereal creatures, was only possible to capture from the night sky.


Nick Jeffrey Blizzard Opening Night  


And finally, the whole night was presided over by the Charlie Barton’s imposing and fascinating moonscape Artemis; set against the black night sky, its mix of blues and golds gave it a deific presence, leaving most spectators in the same silent awe only the rare sighting a supermoon could otherwise summon.