Loughran Gallery's Magnificent Obsessions

Collecting is often central to an artist's practice - whether for inspiration, motivation or from just pure obsession. So we're fascinated by the Magnificent Obsessions exhibition which has just opened at the Barbican, featuring the largest collection of personal objects from post-war and contemporary artists such as Peter Blake, Andy Warhol, Sol LeWitt and Damien Hirst.


This has got us thinking about our own Magnificent Obsessions and which pieces we would keep for our own curious collection...




Box Sets

Nothing says "collector's heaven" more than a box set. Box sets are limited edition, highly collectible and are made to be a little more special than what can usually be found. We've found two amazing box sets in our curious collection - Dave White's Aquatic Box Set and Blek le Rat's His Master's Voiceless.


The Aquatic Box Set is a magnificent collection of four limited edition giclee prints, each hand finished in 24 carat gold and come packaged with signature-embossed tissue paper in a luxury cloth-bound box. His Mater's Voiceless by Blek le Rat is a set of 4 limited edition screenprints of one of the most collectible images from the 'Godfather of Street Art'.


 Dave White Aquatic Box Set  Blek le Rat His Masters Voiceless Set of 4




Vintage Objets

Taxidermy has seen a recent resurgency as skilled, trained artists such as Polly Morgan have breathed creativity into the traditional craft. Thoughful, beautiful pieces are available as perfect additions to our collection and your home. To Every Seed His Own Body is a delicate, poetic sculpture perfect for any bookshelf or side table, and with artists such as Banksy known to collect Morgan's work, a sure choice for any discerning collector.


Polly Morgan To Every Seed His Own Body



If textiles are more your thing, Frederique Morrel's exquisite animal sculptures is what we prescribe for your collection. Inspired by the Garden of Eden, Morrel mrries the techniques of taxidermy and embroidery and her work is mystical and curious.


    Frederique Morrel Bambi  Frederique Morrel Hare




Damien Hirst!

You can collect your own limited edition Damien Hirst from Loughran Gallery's carefully selected collection. From Proctolin and other spot paintings, The Souls III and other butterfly editions, to the iconic For The Love Of God - so add a Hirst to your magnificent obsessions list.


Damien Hirst Proctolin  Damien Hirst, The Souls III  Damien Hirst For The Love Of God, Believe