Art meets food at Muriel’s, Richmond


Loughran Gallery has been busy working it's Art Makeover magic at our favourite foodie hotspot Muriel's Kitchen, Richmond, to bring together cutting edge Contemporary Art and Nana Muriels's hearty home cooked food, giving you a view to dine for...  


Muriels Richmond Dave White


Escape the October chill and enjoy the natural world from the warmth of this cosy kitchen with Dave White’s endangered animal artworks. Settle in with nana’s creamy Clarence Court eggs or a mid morning coffee and contemplate these philanthropic pieces.


Muriels Richmond Piers Bourke Dave White


Set amongst comfy velvet tub chairs and bric-a-brac bird cage lamps take some time out with Piers Bourke’s A Boy Named Sioux, reimagined from one of Americas most beautiful, historic stamps and drink in a local London landmark, manifested in a multitude of bright coloured squares with his Soon To Be Removed telephone box series. 


Muriels Richmond Bourke Sioux


Why not pop by and relax with some tasty home cooked food (served from breakfast 'till dinner), and soak up all that these exquisite artworks have to offer? Find us at Muriel's Kitchen, 30 Hill Street, Richmond, TW9 1TW.